Yet another pearl of wisdom I picked up from Bash Halow who spoke at the VPMA Congress; is how relevant Blogging is to a practice website.

The first tool to be able to Blog properly, is by having your website set up using WordPress. We speak of Blogging, but for a practice website, a Blog is really your Latest News page that is full of relevant, real and updated stories.


A Blog is the perfect way to attract visitors to your website and then keep them there. It is so important though that it is kept updated.

Do not even start a Blog/latest news section if you have no plans to keep it going. An out of date latest news page on a website is the quickest way to have visitors lose interest in your practice website.

It is a bit like a practice Facebook page – no point having a Facebook page if it is not maintained. Google does not ‘crawl’ through latest Facebook news, but a website latest news post can be search engine optimised and found by Google!

Each story or Blog needs to have images and be local and relevant to your practice. It showcases your expertise and at the same time indicates to your clients how much TLC (see latest news posts at Scott Veterinary Group) and care their pets will receive at your practice when they read about your latest cases.

Blogs need to be informative and visual and each page must be search engine optimised using one of the excellent SEO Plugins that are available for WordPress such as Yoast or All in One SEO.

They should also be enjoyable for you the writer to produce and not seen as a bother to think of what to write as this will come across to your readers. If you are too busy to maintain a Blog, leave it to us – we love doing them!

Arielle BVSc MRCVS

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