Is this the worst Google review a practice could receive?

I had complained privately to the practice a week ago, without response, so I am publishing this complaint for the benefit of the public.

I went to this practice for the first time to support my wife in putting down our terminally ill cat, after weeks of struggle and hundreds of pounds of expense. As we came out the treatment room carrying our dead cat – my pregnant wife in front desperate to get home; me behind carrying the dead cat – we were stopped in the waiting area, with tears still on our faces, in front of strangers seated there, while two stupid young female staff photographed a Great Dane who was not on a lead and was more interested in the cat box.

They were blocking the way, but they looked at us, didn’t apologise, and didn’t correct what they were doing – they photographed the damned dog, before saying to it (not to us) that it should come on, when they made way – I naturally assumed they had control of it, but they never had a hand on it: instead as I passed it lunged at the cat box, to add to our indignities.

They never apologised or addressed us; I don’t know how they expect us to visit there again with that association in our memory.

That’s what it felt like, but irrespective of my feelings, I know they were wrong. I happened to work in a vets when I was teenager and happen to know that staff should never let a dog loose in the reception around other small animals, or put their own activities before customers.

They prove to me a badly run practice that probably looks much worse behind the scenes.