A vet recently commented that they were quite happy with their practice Google rankings as they were placed at the top


When I Googled their practice as a prospective client as ‘vet…the area they were in’, they were in fact nowhere near the top 3 practices –  in fact they were on the second page!

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As they regularly check their website, cookies in their PC result in Google showing them the most popular result of their search on their computers – so they were lulled into a false sense of security that their website was ranking well.

My advice to see where you really sit in the Google rankings, is to right click over the Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox icon on your computer screen. Then choose the option ‘New private window‘ or ‘New incognito window‘.

This then gives you an idea of how prospective clients and new visitors to your site will view your rankings.

You may be pleasantly surprised and sit in the top 3, or you may be on the second page which for any business is a disaster!

Is your aim just to get to the top of Google?

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