Vet and Director Jason has just sent through details of their latest promotions for Rabbit Awareness Week.

The material is so good that it prompted this Blog post to help other independent practices promote Rabbit Awareness Week in June on their websites.

How Jason got it all right with his latest promotion:

Bicester Vets

icon of a rabbitAll material was sent to Vetwebsites on the 30th May to have it live by the 1st of June. Just one day’s notice was needed to get the latest information on the site.

icon of a rabbitJason’s independent practice is competing heavily with a corporate that opened less than a year ago and only a few metres away from the practice, so as much personal material as possible has been used. Client pet photos are used throughout with real cases shown.

icon of a rabbitA clause is included in the privacy policy displayed in the footer that allows any pet photos to be used from social media on the website unless the client makes the practice aware that they would rather the photo was removed.

icon of a rabbitA competition is running that involves the local primary school which is perfect to promote any local business.

icon of a rabbitMention is made over and over again in the article how important rabbits are to the practice which instils a sense of trust and caring which is what the practice aims to portray.

icon of a rabbitInformation is given provided by Jason about the main rabbit diseases and illnesses and how to prevent them. This acts as a reminder to clients to visit the surgery for the various products on offer.

icon of a rabbitInternal links are provided in the article to other relevant articles written about rabbits. Specific Call to Action buttons are strategically placed on the page to provide visitors with a quick way to dial the practice directly from their smartphones, or for new clients to register online and receive a £10 discount.

The post looks amazing – well done!

I’ll let you know if there are any more tweaks but really pleased with the Blog (and also the cute little Bicester Vets logo & line at the end of the article.)

Jason Williams

Director, Bicester Vets

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