Marc Abraham OBE

Marc Abraham OBE

Marc Abraham is multi award winning media vet, author, animal welfare campaigner and supporter of sustainability in pet ownership.

He recently published a book called Lucy’s Law which is how a tiny cavalier spaniel changed the law to help end puppy farming.

He has this to say about plant-based feeding of dogs in the UK – “One of the most important things to think about when feeding your dog is always making sure they’re receiving the correct, required nutritional balance, and extensive research has shown that it is absolutely possible for our canine companions to thrive on a meat-free diet – whether flexitarian or fully plant-based.

The team behind HOWND have a complete understanding of how to provide this high-quality nutrition, as well as having a strong ethos around animal welfare, which is why I, as a vet and animal welfare campaigner, wholeheartedly recommend their complete plant-based food for dogs.

Not only will it benefit the health of the nation’s dogs, as well as helping to benefit the health of our planet, but in a world of growing popularity for plant-based alternatives, HOWND Plant Powered Superfood also provides a healthy alternative for humans finding it increasingly uncomfortable to feed dead animals to their pet animals.

Furthermore, in many of the excellent charities I’ve been lucky to volunteer with around the world, every dog is usually fed on a plant-based diet, and I’ve always been impressed in seeing how well they all do.”

Marc the Vet appeared on ITV news on the 21st April 2021 speaking about sustainability with pet ownership as shown in this clip (videod by the owner of the Cavalier so apologies for the quality of the video)


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