Omni Pet Food

Dr Guy Sandelowsky and Omni Pet Food

“Dog food just isn’t working for our dogs or the planet”

I could never understand why we feed our dogs processed meat every day when we know that in humans, such diets are associated with increased cancer and obesity. I’ve seen the negative impact of this first-hand in my patients for the last 10 years.

A scientifically formulated plant-based diet can offer dogs healthier, cleaner ingredients that are also better for the planet.

Dr. Guy Sandelowsky MRCVS

The development of Omni and its launch in 2021 has been exactly what the pet food market needs  – a new sustainable UK based business producing a dry dog food that is high in plant proteins to provide everything that dogs need in their diet.

Omni have even taken it one step further by launching Omni puppy and Omni senior for owners who want to choose a kind, sustainable and balanced vegan option for all stages of their dog’s life.

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