Use your practice website to find your new vet or RVN.

With the shortage of good vets and RVN’s, it is more important than ever to use your own practice website to actively promote your practice and advertise any vacancies.

RVN nurse and vet with a cat

Vetwebsites has been inundated with requests on almost all of their 50+ independent practice websites looking for that new vet or elusive RVN to work at their practice over the last year.

Many have been successful in finding the ideal candidate, so it IS possible to use your practice website to advertise for any new position at your practice. This is how it is done:
iconYour very visually pleasing practice website must be fully Google responsive ie view perfectly on a smartphone.
iconThere must be the addition of a latest news Blog post on your website filled with the very latest news and information. These latest news posts need to have information about your current staff celebrating any small success that they may have had – passing their recent exams, celebrating their pet successes, giving your staff a mention with interesting cases, or highlighting the importance of your various staff members
iconThis is proof to any possible new applicant how much each staff member at your practice is valued and immediately sends a very positive message
iconKeep the vacancy page of your website fully up to date and when a post is filled, announce it on the website – always good to show that you are actually in demand
iconIt goes without saying that all contact details must be easily accessed with fully mobile responsive contact forms, and direct dial buttons on a smartphone straight through to the surgery
iconMake the wording of the advertisement as personal as possible to give candidates a feel of who you are
Good luck finding that ideal new practice staff member – they are out there!
Arielle MRCVS

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