It is New Year’s Day and I cannot wait to get started with my 10th year of veterinary web design!

Arielle Griffiths Web Developer at London Vet Show 2016I want to wish all my wonderful clients everything of the best for 2017. I will continue to do all I can to promote your veterinary businesses online and I am just so excited about the new year that I cannot wait to get going.

The London Vet Show in November 2016 was a wonderful opportunity for me to meet so many of my clients and take on new projects – some big and some smaller practices but all will be given all my time and I treat each one with the same care and attention.

As a vet, it is in my nature to want to help and I have found my niche by being able to help vets with their practice websites – a business I have been doing since 2007 and I am passionate about it.

In the last 10 years; web design has moved so fast and continues to move rapidly and there are new things to learn everyday.

It is for this reason that I work closely with a professional web designer to obtain the best visual design for my clients, but also to ensure that each site loads quickly and is filled with all the latest features such as being fully mobile responsive with direct dial over the practice phone numbers, Google review widgets and a number of exciting new Plug-ins that I cannot wait to use in 2017.

My success with the rankings of each of my sites (and I maintain over 50 practice websites); is the latest news Blog posts that are filled with latest practice information that clients now expect. Each latest news post is fully search engine optimised and adds to the overall size of the website; and this has resulted in the high Google rankings.

Practices have been able to fill vet or RVN vacancies with these latest news posts, as well as advertise their latest offers, and showcase their staff and their achievements.

Another latest Blog post that proves extremely popular with clients is a showcase of the practices latest cases or ‘Star of the Week’. This is an opportunity to show the caring side of each practice and offers the best way to compete with a neighbouring practice.

Here are some examples of the latest news posts that I maintain: