Your practice website ranks at the top of Google – is that enough?

No, it is not all that you should be aiming for.

Your practice website needs to work for you. There are 3 main aims with a practice website –

1. To bring in new clients who find your site with its top rankings and stay on your site

2. To make your current clients return to your practice website regularly to keep fully up to date with any latest news, offers and updates

3. To advertise any job vacancies on your own practice website, rather than pay for expensive advertising elsewhere.

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As we all adapt to the changes that social media have brought, we are fully aware that everything has to happen very quickly, and everything has to be relevant and fully up to date.

This can only be accomplished in a practice website with a latest news Blog that is kept relevant, up to date and interesting with local pet news and pet information to prove to your clients that you know more than the practice down the road!

The addition of a latest TLC case is also a way of showing clients how much your clients are valued and shows the caring side of any practice that you want to portray to stand out from your competition.

Each site needs to have an online registration form so that new clients can register in the comfort of their home at any time. This is your call to action button and all latest news posts should have a link to this Call To Action button.

Phoning the practice needs to be as easy as possible with direct dial over your phone number when clients are using a smartphone device.

It is also vital to have a practice website that is visually pleasing and that you are proud of and very happy with – so it must work for you and continue to increase your practice profits.

Arielle BVSc MRCVS

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