‘Oh I didn’t realise that you were a vet’

The above response from a veterinary web development company trying to sell me their software that adds latest veterinary news posts to practice websites has prompted me to write this article.

This company does as I do – makes veterinary practice websites; and they thought that all I did was make visually pleasing  practice sites.

heart and stethoscope

The strength of my success with all my websites lies in what they were trying to sell me – their software that generates 4 seasonal Blog posts a year to add to veterinary websites.

I explained to my competition that my service goes beyond just 4 generated Blog posts a year; I am a vet but as my husband is also a vet in the RAVC, I have chosen a career where I can work from home (wherever the forces sends us) and my passion is web design and search engine optimisation to make every site I manage rank at the top.

The only way to achieve full search engine optimisation is to maintain a practice site with the addition of latest news posts that are written with the pet owning readers in mind (and being a vet and devoted pet owner I do know how clients think).

Each post has to be specific to the practice and their local area.

How do I achieve this?

I work closely with the practice managers or vet nurses of each practice who maintain the practice Facebook pages.

Everyone knows how to add good content to Facebook, but as Google does not rank Facebook posts, this information is lost, unless used in well-written posts with extra veterinary information added but all staying local to each practice.

A few examples of latest updated news posts: