FAQ’s that Vetwebsites has been asked by Vets and Practice Managers

Questions to ask BEFORE you hire a web designer

tickHow long have you been in business?
tickWhat types of clients do you work with most frequently, and have you done any veterinary practice websites?
tickHow will you market the practice and how passionate are you about vet practices?
tickMay I see your portfolio?
tickWill the new site be fully mobile responsive with direct dial phone numbers to the practice.
tickHow many people will be working on the site? Who do I speak with / who does the building / designing?
tickDo you know / understand search engine optimisation (SEO)?
tickDo you have references from other vet practices/clients?
tickWhat happens if my site goes down?
tickHow are updates handled?
tickHow does e-mail work for my site?
tickWill you install Google Analytics?
tickDo you use forms?  Are those forms held in a data base on my website or simply sent to my inbox?
tickWhat happens if you (the designer) goes on holiday and I need you?
tickHow do you stay current with technology?
tickWhat types of security will be on my website?
tickHow long will it take to get my site live?
tickWill we have a contract?
tickDo I supply the images or you?
tickWhat are your expectations of me as a client?
tickHow many revisions can I make during the building process?
tickWhat kind of service can I expect after the site is launched?
tickDo you make all the updates or are we expected to make them?
tickDo you offer a monthly maintenance service with monthly latest news and offers?

We have an expensive new practice website but no one knows how to access it to update latest news - can you help?

Yes, Vetwebsites is committed to keeping the highest standard for a practice website, and if you have a new site and it is not being updated regularly with a latest news Blog, then it will not stay popular and keep its high Google rankings.

As long as we are able to access the site in WordPress, we can set up a latest news page and keep the website fully up to date, even if we have not designed your site for you.

Do you do sites for corporate practices or only independent practices?

Vetwebsites is a small business started with the passion of one person competing against the big players in web design, so I see myself as a staunch supporter of independent practices and businesses.

I am passionate about making independent practice websites that stand out from the corporate websites with far more personal details in the form of a Blog to make the website the leader in pet information in the area.

This is lacking in corporate websites as the vets cannot access them – they are all managed by a web design firm who dictate what they put on their site and only use information about the corporate; not about the individual practice and local news and events.