So how do I set up a WordPress website?

Firstly download the WordPress into your computer – amazingly it is free! I do not advice going for as you are then tied into their themes, but go to the free version of WordPress in

Once downloaded into your computer, you set the domain you would like to use and choose a password.

You are then taken to the content management system where you can login and make all the changes needed to your website.

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The login to the dashboard is always your domain name followed by/wp-login.

Once in the dashboard, you can load in a theme; although most WordPress sites come with a theme already included. If you see a site you like and would like to find which theme they are using, use What WordPress Theme is that?

Build pages by clicking on New page and edit each page on the screen with information. To add Blog posts, you enter a new Post rather than a page. You are able to decide if you want the date shown, the author or you can set a number of categories to group your posts.

Whether you build posts or pages, you are adding content to your website so both have equal value to the search engine optimisation of your site.

It is so important to search engine optimise each page and each post. I recommend either the use of Yoast or All in One SEO Plugin for ease of use. This also provides the website with a Site Map page which Google uses to classify and make sense of the website

Add a Google analytics Plugin into the site which means that you can monitor and analyse each page and post and it helps with Google rankings.

In order to satisfy EU regulations regarding Cookies, you must have a Cookies Policy page on your website or integrate a Cookies Policy Plugin. You could be fined if this is missing from your UK website.

Add images that are never more than 100KB in size or they take too long to load. They will need to be optimised.

If you do not have Photoshop, you can optimise them here – Smart PNG and JPEG Compression

The speed of a website is very important and the more Plugins you add, the slower it may run, so it is vital to add a caching Plugin into the site to speed it up.

Write plenty of relevant and fresh information and your new website will rank highly with Google as WordPress satisfies all the criteria for a Google-friendly website.

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