How does corporatisation change veterinary staff?

I received a regular e-mail today from a practice manager who I have been e-mailing for the last 7 years as I maintain their practice website.

Good afternoon,

I was hoping that you could put on our webpage that we will be changing to afternoon and evening appointments on the 14th May.

I have attached our notice which is currently on our Facebook page which I was thinking could be put on ‘our news section’ and also on the ‘consultation times’ section.


thought for the day notice

What made me write a post about this very ordinary e-mail?

This is an e-mail that I received from Anne on the 11th December 2014 –

Hi Arielle,

I’ve checked the site and it looks great! Thank you.

I noticed that the Pet Health Plan prices are out of date – which is my fault for not updating it.

Could you change the prices please?

Dog under 45 kg – £10.50 per month
Dog over 45 kg – £14.50 per month
Cat – £11 per month
Accidental Injury Cover £2.25 per month

Many thanks

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